The best time to declutter your home is actually Right now!

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We know you've heard that the end of the year would be the best time to get your things down to organize your home for the new year. But we also know that you didn't get a chance to do that last December, right?
Well, better late than never! How about starting right now? What if you made some money out of it?

We've put together 5 tips that will help you declutter, plus a list of 10 items you can sell online!

1. Have a plan
Write down a list of rooms in your house you need to clean. Break it down by size and allocate time for each room size, taking into account that, for example, a garage takes about 5 times longer to declutter than a bathroom.

2. Provide a space where you can separate donations from sales
The first thing you want to do is clear a space where things to be donated and things to be sold will be deposited. 

3. Do just a little bit every day
Stick to your plan and don't overextend the time you've allotted for this task. Decluttering can be extremely overwhelming, so it's better avoid getting discouraged in the days to come. With 15 minutes left to finish the day's task, put things back even if you haven't organized them yet. After a while you will get used to just getting the exact number of things to be organized in the time you stipulated.

4. Ask for help 
If you need a little extra push to get it done, ask your family or friends for help. You will find it is a lot more fun to do this with someone who is supportive.

5. View the room as a first-time visitor and take photos before and after
Sometimes you get used to the mess and day by day you go through things without even noticing some things shouldn't be there. So, seeing the problem from the outside helps you identify all the places that need action.
When you take pictures of the neat and tidy place, you are excited to move on to the next room.
After everything is done, some furniture and objects will no longer be of use to you but may be of use to other people. You can sell these things online and earn extra money!
Here is a list of things that you can sell online:

1. Clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories, including  wedding and bridesmaid dresses.
2. Television and audio equipment, cell phones and computers
3. Exercise equipment
4. Kids toys (Lego, bicycles, scooters, video games)
5. Books and art
6. Baby accessories and furniture
7. Furniture and soft furnishings
8. Kitchen gadgets
9. Tools and equipment (gardening, carpentry, camping and other hobbies)
10. Pet stuff
After selling your stuff, let Bringfy pick it up at your home and deliver it to the buyer! Through the app you get to know the prices of deliveries and you can then embed the value in the price of your products!

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