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Being the main channel between sellers and transporters, developing a practice and simple user’s journey, making possible to request transport, through quick steps.


Empowering businesses of all sizes to thrive in the global marketplace, Bringfy envisions a world where cutting-edge technology transforms last-mile logistics. We believe that by revolutionizing the way products are delivered, our digital platform will not only enhance efficiency and sustainability but also bring newfound competitiveness to businesses worldwide. Our vision is to be at the forefront of this transformative journey, redefining the last-mile logistics landscape for the benefit of our clients and the global economy.


Reliability, Self-awareness and Partnership

Company in Brazil

Called e-Carreto ( ecarreto.com.br ), the company in Brazil, focused on B2C ( business to customers ), received its first investment and was created in January 2021 and launched one year later. Achieving an impressive number of +10k orders, +4k users, and +1k drivers in 5 months, we are changing the logistic sector, the way of people ask for delivery of their products and documents, and also helping to reduce the carbon footprint through innovation and technology.

We are a logitech ready to change the global logistcs !

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